Corporate Social Responsibility

Coffee With A Heart

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we participate and sponsor various community events in Singapore, China and Myanmar.

Corporate Social Responsibility in China

We believe in the importance of reading, as food for the soul. For many young children in rural villages, having books to read outside
of their textbooks is a luxury. To help these children achieve their dreams, we have teamed up with other organisations and aided in
the reconstruction of rural libraries as well as sent books to such villages.

Gold Roast China also sponsored the “Love to make Dreams Grow” public art show jointly organised with the Guangdong Lions Club golf team.
The art show raises funds to aid the rehabilitation of children, and comprises of book donation as well as a charity auction.

Our focus has always been on children as we believe they are our future, and they will create a better tomorrow for the region as well as the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Singapore

Art is an expression of life, and have become a part of our everyday lives. We believe Art is for everyone.

At Viz Branz, we aim to help the local cultural scene flourish by supporting events that make art and culture accessible to the everyday man,
just as we believe in products that are accessible to the everyday man.

Therefore, Viz Branz has been committed to sponsoring the Da:ns festival, Huayi Festival and the Mosaic Music Festival, among other festivals and events.

It is not easy to stage and bring in renowned international artists. With our sponsorship, we hope to give such events an edge in their planning and programming,
so they can become even better.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Myanmar

Calsome Myanmar has been actively involved in social good.
Recently, as part of a local programme, we donated instant cereal to a refugee camp in Koot Khaing.